Pad Thai Pan Noodle Challenge



Join us in this new challenge. Eat 2 kg of noodles, including the broth under 25 minutes and it’s FREE!!!

Terms & Conditions

Upon doing the PTP Pho Challenge, the Challenger will be allowed to use and/ or drink water, or any beverage of their liking during the competition.

1.    The objective of the Pho Challenge is to eat all the rice noodles and combination beef in the allotted time of 25 minutes. The broth should be eaten as well, and no food should be left in the bowl or any other bowl that is used for the challenge.

2.     There will be no substitution for noodles or protein in the challenge.

3.     The challenger may eat either sitting or standing at their table/ designated area using their choice of utensils (chopsticks, fork, spoon).

4.    The Challenger cannot leave their designated area during the challenge period.

5.    The Challenger must wait for the starting signal before touching or eating the food inside the challenge bowl.

6.    The Challenger cannot share the food with anyone else, the challenge must take the challenge alone.

7.    At the ending signal, the Challenger must leave all utensils at the table or in the bowl.

8.    The Challenger has 1 minute to swallow any food that is already in their mouth.

9.    If the Challenger fails to finish, the Challenger must pay full price for the bowl.

10.  If the Challenger forfeit the challenge before starting, they must pay full price for the bowl. The full price is $39.

11.  In case of the Challenger vomiting, the challenge will be considered forfeit.

12.  If the Challenger finishes the whole challenge, they will go into our hall of fame.

13.  Any pictures or videos taken during the competition can be used for marketing purposes of Pad Thai Pan.

14. Pad Thai Pan reserves the right to refuse doing the challenge upon the Duty Manager decisions.

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