About us

Pad Thai Pan is a restaurant born out of the passion and heritage of Asian cuisine. With a 1.2m Pad Thai Pan, right in the middle of our restaurant, we want to showcase how we make food in the streets in Thailand. Ranging from different styles of Pad Thai, Fried Rice to rich soups that will make your day or night more cosy.

Right in the middle of Christchurch EntX Central, we want you to taste all the flavours of Thailand in our dishes, either you are here for a snack, lunch, dinner or just something for before or after the movies.

But not only of tradition lives a family, we also look into the contemporary world of Asian desserts! We proudly bring the the first Bingsu shop to Christchurch. An Korean dessert made of shaved milk-ice with out-of-this world toppings and sauces. We are also presenting you a delicious and flavoursome Shibuya Baked Honey Brioche, a dessert with a lot of toppings to make your day happier.